Advice For Men

Below are a list of steps designed to help guide you through the process of buying jewelry for someone that's very important to you. Although the language is specific to the purchase of an engagement ring, most of what's written here can be applied to any jewelry purchase.

  • Plan ahead!

    Each step of this process will take some time, so plan accordingly. Additionally, remember that once ordered, a ring can take up to six weeks to arrive, potentially longer if you're having it custom designed. If you want to engrave the inside of the ring, be sure to request the inscription when you place your order.

    You can move this process along quicker by getting us to help you early in the process.

  • Educate yourself

    Read everything we've prepared in the Resources setion of this website (you can find these listed in the footer section of every page). Knowledge is power.

  • Know your budget

    You should buy the best possible ring you can afford without going into major debt. How much that is, you'll have to decide. But keep in mind that 20 years from now your memory of the look on her face when she sees that ring will be more important than how much money you spent.

  • Know what she wants

    While this is good advice in all matters, it's especially important when choosing an engagement ring. If you're more of a traditionalist and want to surprise her with a ring she'll love, be sure to do some research. You can ask her best friend, sibling or mother for help. Tell them to keep in mind while asking her questions that you want this to be a surprise. Above all swear them to secrecy if you want to preserve the element of surprise.

    Whether or not you enlist anyone else's help, pay attention to the jewelry she wears. You should also start paying attention to details (also good general advice) that you might otherwise let go unnoticed. What are her preferences? What shape stones does she prefer? Does she prefer white or yellow gold or something else? Is she allergic to some metals? Everything you learn will help you make your final decision.

  • Choose a stone

    You should choose the center stone first and then choose the mounting to put it in. (Don't buy a completed ring from a jewler's case. These are often just samples to give you an idea of the finished product.) The stone is the majority of a ring's cost and focus, so you'll want to get the most gorgeous one imaginable (or at least in you budget). We will guide you, tell you what to look for and make sure you get the best value for your money.

  • Consider the metal

    When it comes to the band, you've got a variety of metals to choose from. One popular choice is platinum -- it's extremely durable and especially pure, making it a great hypoallergenic choice for brides and grooms with sensitive skin. There's also gold, which comes in a variety colors, including white, yellow and rose.

  • Choose the setting for your diamond

    A quality setting, the metal framework in which your stone is mounted, can set the tone for a ring. So choose what she likes - classic solitaire, antique, deco look or maybe something unique and unusual that our designer can create for her. Go to our Settings page and browse all the available models.

  • Determine her ring size

    If you don't already know her ring sixe, finding out may be a difficult task. If you can't determine her ring size another way, you may have to be a little sneaky for a good cause. We recommend this procedure:

    • Get your hands on a ring she wears on her ring finger. (This may require a covert look into her jewelry box.)
    • Put that ring on your finger, moving it as far onto your finger as feels comfortable.
    • With a fine point pen, draw two lines on your finger, one above and one below the ring.
    • Have a jeweler take a measurement, or contact us and we can measure it for you.

    Softer metals like gold can be resized if you don't get the size right, but harder metals like Titanium are very difficult to resize. In the case of the former, it's always easier to make a ring smaller than larger.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We're here to help!

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